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Fill me up, Lord.

children of light

Children of Light

In a time when darkness flows, war looms, fear seeps and anxiety presses, hatred flares, confusion persists, we remember and meditate on …

He is God

He is God

The trouble with humans is this: we keep thinking we’re God. You’d think we’d learn, too; after that business in the Garden …


Life Preserving Grace

I saw a man drown once.  It happened a few summers ago.  My husband and I drove out to the Lake with …

BeFunky Design

You’re not the boss of me.

I’m tired of this.  Tired of the lies. I’m not a slave to you – fear, shame, guilt, control.  I’m not a …


Trauma and devastation bring out the hashtag in us. We gather together in 2016 fashion and slap a hashtag on social media. …