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M.D. Bronson


My Life in His Hands

I haven’t written for at least 7 months.  I’ve recycled a few writings, but I haven’t written anything new.  I have put …


The Next Smallish Thing

Human beings are into big stuff.  Big is good and bigger is better.  This is the world’s message.  So, we work hard …

children of light

Children of Light

In a time when darkness flows, war looms, fear seeps and anxiety presses, hatred flares, confusion persists, we remember and meditate on …


Who Can Heal America?

I read the headline in big, bold letters: Who Can Heal America? Let’s start with who cannot heal America.  Anyone.  No person …


Re-gift His Grace

We’re off mark. Grace, by definition, is freely given. It cannot be earned or deserved. I didn’t earn it, and you don’t …