The Next Smallish Thing

Human beings are into big stuff.  Big is good and bigger is better.  This is the world’s message.  So, we work hard to attain the big bank account, build the big house, and sign the big whatever.  The successful ones almost always go big. 

We Christians kinda get it.  Our God is huge.  He’s able to do monstrous things, and He sometimes calls His children to go big, too: Big ministry.  Big sacrifices. Big discomfort. Trouble comes when we blanket the idea and assume the Kingdom’s like the world – big is good and bigger is better.  Because of this, we feel good about the big callings.  Like we’ve somehow reached rank, and we think, even in the smallest corner of mind or heart, God trusts ME with a ‘big calling.’ I must be special.

The good ones, the holiest ones, get the big God calls. Like Joseph and Moses and Ruth and Paul. 

Big names.  Big sufferings. Big callings. 

So, what happens when God leads me into a smallish-feeling calling?  Does that mean I’m not holy enough?  Not good enough?  Not trustworthy or faithful enough?  What if He points me to the old lady who needs a hand with her coffee?  Or if He instructs me to comfort my child?  What of a comfortable suburb quietly ministering to the hurting neighbor? 

Sometimes – much of the time – God asks me to do this: the next smallish thing.  And when the world’s got me by the wrist and pulling me into its lie, the call to small service feels insignificant.  It feels silly and nonsensical.  Dare we say it?  Don’t you feel it? 

I do.                                                                                

But, then, He comes to me through His precious Word and speaks Truth. Truth is not fantastical in the world’s light; Truth is fantastic in His Light.  Only there.  It’s not the magnitude of the calling. It’s the magnificence of the Caller. Click To Tweet  Importance lies in the Great Father and my willingness to follow where He leads.  The bigness lies in the smallness of my hands and the out of proportion hugeness of God’s love to me. 

I need not be wildly uncomfortable in order for my calling to be real and honest.  He might call me into the deep and thrashing waters, but He might not.  Proof of commitment is found in my heart and not in the interpretation of His calling.  My responsibility is to seek my Father’s face, listen to Him speak and lead through Word and Spirit, and accept the jobs He places before me with willingness. 

Even when they’re not dramatic.  Even when they are. 

So when He asks me to write a little piece on a little blog, it’s good.  When He calls her to minister to a grieving daughter in a quiet coffee shop, it’s good.  When He calls you to hold your child’s hand, it’s good.  When He calls us to hold the door open for someone or help pick up scattered coins or pay for his coffee, that’s good, too. 

Because He is good.  And we have been designed to fill His purposes – big and small.  None of it is more or less good or important when rooted in authentic desire to serve the King.

Listen and obey.  Don’t be ashamed to do the next smallish thing. 


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