Who Can Heal America?

I read the headline in big, bold letters: Who Can Heal America?

Let’s start with who cannot heal America.  Anyone.  No person or law or idea or policy.  No amount of earthbound anything will do any good.  America has chosen a path inconsistent with the Word of God.  She has willfully stepped into chaos and away from God, and we are witnessing the consequences.

Man, left unto himself, is a fool.  He’s driven by pride and an insatiable desire to be God.  We’re proud of who we are, what we’ve become, and how we’ve done it.  Humans love themselves and their ideas.  We think we’re super smart and stand in need of no God.  We can figure this out for ourselves; our rules are better.  Go, God; get out.

We, in our nature, abhor God.

We’ve legislated Him out of our government and our schools.  We’ve uninvited Him to our living rooms and dining room tables.  A nation who, in previous generations, has actively sought God’s counsel and divine leading now actively rejects Him.

Hate runs hotter these days.  The ground’s unsteady.  The world is shaking and turning with unease.

God watches.  He is not a benign presence, uninterested or uninvolved.  He’s no one’s obeyer and will never be told when to leave or how to be.  Nor will He hold His silence forever.  And, just in the slightest withdrawal from a nation or people or person, He speaks very, very loudly.

Just listen for a moment.  Turn on your television or scroll through the news feed.  Do you hear the anger?  Do you see the madness?  The hatred and violence and confusion?

None of this is of God.  God is Order.  God is love and grace and mercy poured upon His people through His Spirit and because of His Son.  We’re currently witnessing a lot of things opposite of Him.  It’s anti-good. It’s anti-God.  Anti-Christ.

Here’s the good news: One can heal America, and we know His name - Jesus. Click To Tweet.

He’s the one and only Elixir.  The Fixer.  He’s Healer.

And in mercy, God has gifted grace.  Grace upon undeserving me and you.  The clouds are ripe and full, ready to burst and flood healing waters through this land.  But, we must turn from ourselves, smash the me-idols, and turn to our Father.  There is no life in death, nor anything good apart from God.

And that’s what we’re seeing.

But, wait.  My sister played Rack-o with me the other day when my arm was possessed by poison ivy.  That was nice.  And I saw someone shake a policeman’s hand yesterday.  Just to say, “Thank you.”  I heard about a bunch of guys in Dallas crossing over the line of opposition, meeting in the middle, hugging and praying together.  One of my daughters helped another ride her bike tonight.  Someone held the door for me.  My family had dinner together.

These are good things.  And good things happen every single day.

It’s just that Satan quite enjoys the bad things.  So, he makes them very dramatic and exciting and tears people and nations apart through them. He likes how everyone – including Christians – get all hyped up and wrapped into the insanity.

Hope is here.  Look for the good and to the Good One.  Be nice.  Do kind things for people.

God is in control, Christ is on the throne, and this is earth is not our home. Click To Tweet


Seek the throne of grace on behalf of our nation.  Boast only in Christ.  Model Christ in gentleness, lowliness, grace and truth.

Ultimately, it is not my gender or ethnicity or economic rank which defines me.  It is this: I am a child of God.  I am a daughter of the King.  I am sister to the Savior, and I am a child of Light.

This is where our hope and healing lie.  In Christ.


John 1:5 “The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

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